Breast Screening Tools for Dense Breasts with Dr. Kathy Schilling

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    Mayo Clinic For Innovation Talks Dense Breasts with Dr. Cappello

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    Dr. Cappello's Published Article in JACR - Decades of Normal Mammography Reports - The Happygram

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    VIDEO: Dr. Cappello on Capitol Hill Speaking to Senate Staff

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    Are You Dense Brochure: A Must-Have Resource in Spanish, English, French & Japanese

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    Are You Dense Inc. Launches Hispanic/Latina Breast Health Program

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    RESEARCH: Dense Breast Tissue Reduces Ability of Mammography to Detect Cancer

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    RESEARCH: Dense Breast Tissue: An Independent Risk Factor for Breast Cancer

    High Breast Density is a greater risk factor for breast cancer than having a first degree relative with breast cancer.  Read More

    RESEARCH: Breast Density a high risk factor for breast cancer

    The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports on a new study which shows that the risk of breast cancer increased progressively with increasing breast density. Read More

    RESEARCH: Mammography Misses Every Other Cancer in Dense Breasts

    A coin toss and luck is the difference whether a woman has an Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis or a later one. Read More

    Dr. Vitiello: Why Breast Density Matters

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    RESEARCH: Personalized Mammography using Breast Density as a Factor

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    The AreYouDense? APP 'Free' on ITUNES

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